Jeevan Juice Festival

The third edition of Jeevan Juice Festival is being organized on 1 to 5 July 2015 in Guwahati. This event is first of its kind in the entire world in terms of a dedicated festival with about 25 varieties of juices! The objectives include: Promotion of fruit drinks as an entrepreneurship option and popularization of natural fruit drinks among the youth who are largely addicted to artificial beverages. If you would like to participate or share your ideas, Text to 98540 49505


Jeevan Decade 

Jeevan magazine completes 10 years on 26 June 2015! This is being celebrated as Jeevan Decade with various programmes including a Traveling Series of Icon Interactions where 10 icons will interact with youth/students at 10 venues.



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Ten Years of Jeevan


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